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Why Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage can refer to the process of saving your information in a location that isn't found on your personal computer, tablet, or phone. Your data is stored in a remote database accessible from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Cloud Storage:

1. Accessibility

Your files are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection..

2. Ease of Use

There are many benefits of using cloud storage; some services have built-in apps which allow you to store files on your phone or computer. This way, if anything happens to the device storing the file, all of them are backed up automatically.

3. Scalability

With the Cloud, you can scale your storage size according to your needs.

4. Disaster Recovery

One of the best things about cloud storage is having peace of mind knowing all your data is backed up securely and safely offsite! This way, if anything goes wrong with your on-premise storage system or hardware - you won't have to worry about losing all your data.

5. No On-Site Server Maintenance Required

Outsourcing maintenance for your server to the cloud can save time and money.

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